FMSoft - Fill with Magic


FMSoft's software products are widely used in feature phones, smart phones, tablets and embedded devices:

  • MiniGUI is the leader in embedded graphics middleware, and is widely used in embedded devices. 
  • HybridOS is a new open source operating system for smart IoT devices and embedded systems.
  • mGNGUX is a MiniGUI based total solution for feature phones.


FMSoft has a lot of experience in embedded system customization, Android/Linux application development, and interaction design areas. We would be happy to put our experience and knowledge passed through some services to more developers. We provide the following professional technical services:

  • Customization of products.
  • Software outsourcing
  • Software Development Consultation


FMSoft's users are throughout the world's major countries and regions , such as China mainland, China Taiwan, the United States, Italy, South Korea and Japan. The typical customers and partners including Huawei, Leadcore Tech., RDA, and so on.

About Us

FMSoft was established in 2002. FMSoft has made MiniGUI as the world's leading embedded graphics support system through unremitting efforts for about ten years. Now FMSoft is committing to the  applications on Android platform and the mobile Internet services. 

  • FMSoft is the largest code contributor to the open source community in China.
  • FMSoft products are widely used in various fields, users and partners throughout the world.
  • We have dozen years of development experience in embedded field, especially in mobile devices.


FMSoft released MiniGUI 4.0.0

FMSoft released MiniGUI 4.0.0 officially at Jul. 15, 2019.

FMSoft released MiniGUI 3.2.0

After half a year of development and testing, FMSoft officially released MiniGUI 3.2.0.
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