Beijing FMSoft Technologies Co., Ltd. (FMSoft) is dedicated to provide world-class embedded graphics technology, embedded browser technology, embedded JAVA technology and related development tools for embedded system integrator or manufacturer.

FMSoft was established in September 2002. Since its inception, the FMSoft has established MiniGUI as the world's leading embedded graphics support system through unremitting efforts for nearly twenty years from a premature open-source software.

At present, MiniGUI widely used in mobile phones, video phones, PMPs, set-top boxes, intelligent home systems, security monitor systems, medical equipments, industrial control systems other fields. Users are throughout the world's major countries and regions , such as China mainland, China Taiwan, the United States, Italy, South Korea, and Japan. The typical customers and partners including Huawei, ZTE, Datang Mobile, HISENSE, Freescale (USA), Changhong , TCL, Lenovo, Actinium (Singapore), D2 (USA) etc..

In addition to MiniGUI technology, FMSoft is also active in research and development of the other two technologies for embedded devices: embedded browser and Java. FMSoft has accumulated a great deal of research and development experience. FMSoft welcomed those companies who are interested in the above technologies for the cooperation.

Technologic Strength

  • About ten years of development experience on graphics user interface technology.
  • About six years of development experience on mobile browser and WebApp.
  • About three years of development experience on Android system and application.
  • Abundant experiences on embedded OSes supports: Androiod, Linux/uClinux, VxWorks, and other RTOS (eCos, uC/OS-II, ThreadX, Nucleus, pSOS, OSE)
  • Plenty of experiences on CPUs/MPUs: X86, ARM, xScale, PowerPC, MIPS, ColdFire, Blackfin, and so on.
  • Experiences and skills on embedded operating system, middleware, development tool, and application development.
  • Experiences on agile software development model (SCRUM).
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