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2010: Promote education in embedded software development

  • August 2010, MiniGUI significant change licensing models, starting from the MiniGUI 3.0.10 version, on the use of MiniGUI 3.0.10 for Linux version of the development of non-consumer end-products (such as industrial control systems, industrial instrumentation, medical equipment, DVR, Access Control systems less than 10K in shipments of products) to customers, will no longer be calculated in accordance with the number of copies of MiniGUI the run-time licensing fees, and to replace the annual fee or subscription fee.
  • July 2010, FMSoft introduced the integration of embedded development solution: HybridOS. mDolphin upgrade to 3.0, a substantial increase in performance. 
  • June 2010, FMSoft took part in the business 8-9 state's "innovation DEMO CHINA 2010 China Hangzhou points race final at the 20 participating companies in fifth place, Successful candidates will be conducted in Beijing in September this year, finals. 
  • May 2010, FMSoft official release MiniGUI 3.0.8. 
  • April 2010, FMSoft complimentary mStudio to medium and large institutions and MiniGUI 3.0 based version of the integrated products (including PC and development platform development kit). FMSoft released a browser for IPTV product - mDolphin TV Release 0.6 version. 
  • March 2010, FMSoft released mStudio 1.0 for Linux officially,MiniGUI 3.0 evaluation version for JunZheng-4750 development board was released ,MiniGUI 3.0 successfully transplanted to the MQX operating system. 
  • February 2010, MiniGUI 3.0.6 evaluation version release. 
  • January 2010, mStudio 1.0 officially released, FMSoft recruitment columnist.

2009: FMSoft opens up the field of Internet TV

  • December 2009, mDolphin new Flash plug-in support, perfect support for the Java Applet plug-in, mStudio 1.0 second preview release.
  • November 2009, mStudio 1.0 Second Preview and mStudio Live DVD with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS release.
  • October 2009, FMSoft introduced MiniGUI supporting development tools products mStudio. Thus, the key around MiniGUI application development tools such as a relatively complete.
  • August 2009, FMSoft published MiniGUI 3.0 effects procedures to run the interface as the carrier PMP, presentation MiniGUI 3.0 interface effects, providing MiniGUI evaluation version to download.
  • July 2009, mStudio 1.0 Beta version released! mDolphin 2.0 TV Release and mDolphin 2.0 Home Release release.
  • February 2009, as a global Fortune 500 companies as Cisco Systems (China) Co., Ltd. and FMSoft agreed to cooperate extensively in the field of network television and deeper cooperation, Cisco Systems (China) Co., Ltd. used FMSoft's full line of products as the foundation of its network television program software, including MiniGUI, mDolphin browser, mPeerJAVA technology. At this point, FMSoft network television in turn open up a new territory.

2008: Independent innovation

  • October 2008, after a year of development, FMSoft released MiniGUI V3.0. The latest version of MiniGUI V2.0/1.6 MiniGUI V3.0 basis, providing many advanced features, will help users develop a better user experience of embedded products. MiniGUI 3.0 contains a large number of FMSoft R & D team by the first of the technology (the appearance of the renderer, the interface effects, etc.), marking the MiniGUI 3.0 from imitation, to follow others into the innovation stage. At the same time, FMSoft developed based on MiniGUI the other two technologies and products: mDolphin (embedded browser), mPeer (J2SE embedded solution) has also been recognized by many important clients and use.
  • In July, FMSoft has been gradually opening the sources of MiniGUI1.6.10, Mesa3D, Gtk and so on. FMSoft will contribute the largest open-source codes in China. The line of code will be over 2 million lines.
  • In June, FMSoft released a full-feature and high-end embedded browser mDolphin V2.0.
  • In March, MiniGUI V2.0.4/V1.6.9 was officially released.
  • In February, a new version of product Demo MGDestop 4.0 was released.

2007: The leader in the field of embedded graphics middleware

  • In March, IIC-China -- China’s Largest System Design Event, the event attracted the world's leading technology companies. FMSoft, a leader of embedded graphics middleware, successfully participated at the International IC-China Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China) in Shenzhen, China March 5-6.
  • In March, MGDesktop V3.0 has been released.
  • In July, the full-featured and high-end embedded browser mDolphin V1.0 has been released.
  • In July, the dapper and efficient PMP solution mGallery V1.0 has been released.

2006: Expand to the international

  • In December, Embedded Flash Player-Seal V1.0 was released formally.
  • In 2006 HongKong ITU Telecom World, DaTang Mobile released TD-SCDMA 3G mobile software standard platform Arena. Arena adopted MiniGUI and MiniGUI Optional Components as their terminal application development environment. This symbolized that MiniGUI already became handset de facto industry standard in TD-SCDMA standard platform.
  • In November,Taiwan Inventec electronic company adopted MiniGUI to develop the visible IP phone which supports for skype function. This promotes FMSoft's high-end status in digital-medium domain. 
  • In November, Embedded Geographic Information System-mEagle V1.0 was released formally. 
  • In September, FMSoft got the "impact on Chinese Embedded System Enterprise New-Star Award in 2006", which was hold by the magazine in the third "impact on Chinese Embedded System Editor Award Campaign". 
  • In September,FMSoft attended "2006 Beijing Haidian Entrepreneur & Investment Forum", and exhibited the Science & Technology-Innovative project. 
  • In September,FMSoft attended "High-tech Industry innovative production exhibition " hold by Beijing Non-Governmental Science Technology Entrepreneurs Association,showed our innovative and high production and abundant enterprise strength. 
  • In August,FMSoft released MGDesktop V2.6 formally. 
  • In August 2006, FMSoft cooperated with Atmel company, which is an international leading semiconductor supplier, MiniGUI was used to develop MMI reference design for a wide range of chips in WiFi field. It further strengthened FMSoft's world leading position in WiFi field. This promotes FMSoft's worldwide leading status in Wi-Fi domain. 
  • In August, Feynamn Software, as the member of China OSS Promotion Union, attended its second anniversary of the founding. We devoted all of our efforts to the development and application of Linux/OSS in China. 
  • In July, Full-Function Embedded Web Brower-mSpider V2.0 was released formally. 
  • In June, FMSoft integrated embedded graphics system MiniGUI with the Real-Time Operating System OSE of Enea. MiniGUI can simplify the design and development of the graphical user interface,which runs on Hand-Held Terminal Device, telecom device, Medical Equipment, STB and Industrial Control system. 
  • In June, FMSoft became a strategical partner of AMD, MiniGUI and Fhas were used by AMD as the graphics environment for the referenced design proposal of Argon PMP. 
  • In June, MiniGUI-VAR V2.0.3 and MiniGUI-VAR V1.6.9 were released formally. 
  • In June, the embedded browser mSpider V1.8 based on MiniGUI was release formally. 
  • In May, Neusoft Group developed the digital medical treatment device based on MiniGUI. Up to now, the dominating digital medical equipment manufacturers in China all have become the users of FMSoft. 
  • In May, FMSoft became a global partner of Wind River, providing the comprehensive graphics solution to Vxworks. 
  • In May, FMSoft joined in ARM developer exhibition. 
  • In April, FMSoft achieved the cooperation with ESG for developing domestic operating systems and device-driving software market. 
  • In April, FMSoft joined in the Linux World exhibition in Boston, America. Mr. Wei Yongming, the CEO of FMSoft, made a speech about the development and technology advantages of MiniGUI & relating application software to the visitors from around the world. It promoted the domestic embedded software towards the international market. 
  • In March, Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd. used MiniGUI and mSpider to develop DTV and IPTV, strengthened FMSoft’s leading position of the software solution to DTV and STB.
  • In March, FMSoft released MGDesktop V2.5. 
  • In February, the embedded browser mSpider V1.6 were released formally. 
  • In January, FMSoft released the component products based on MiniGUI, such as mGp V1.0, mGi V1.0, and mG3d V1.0.

2005: More mature and experienced

  • On 25th September, 2005, it is the third anniversary of the founding of FMSoft! 
  • In September, FMSoft released the mSpider browser formally. 
  • In September, FMSoft released the eDillo v0.4.0 under GNU GPL license. 
  • In September, FMSoft released the source code of MiniGUI V1.3.3! 
  • In September, MiniGUI-VAR V2.0.1 and MiniGUI-VAR V1.6.8 have been released formally. 
  • In August, Korea system programmer has officially become the distributor of FMSoft products in Korea. It marked a new stage in the progress for our products towards further internationalization. 
  • In July, two medical machine magnates in China had become our clients, which proves that FMSoft is more mature in medical area. 
  • The MiniGUI's simulator environment based on VxWorks Simulator had accomplished the occurrence of development environment make the cooperation of FMSoft and WindRiver deeper. 
  • In July, 2005, FMSoft singed the first customer from U.S.A., which is a milestone start for FMSoft expanding its business to the market of U.S.A. 
  • The source code of MGIS software developed by FMSoft Co., Ltd. is released from now. 
  • In May 2005, Intel and FMSoft reached an agreement, and decided to apply the latest release of MiniGUI to its series of new products development and production of "Digital Family". 
  • On May 20, 2005, Guangzhou ZHIYUAN Electronics (Guangzhou Zhouligong) was authorized by FMSoft as main sales agent in china mainland for MiniGUI-STD. 
  • On May 28, 2005, the cooperation between FMSoft and Wind River CO. is going in depth. 
  • In March 2005, FMSoft released MiniGUI-CMR and MiniGUI-STD. At that time, the development of series of MiniGUI solutions was finished. 
  • In March 2005, Fhas application platform 1.3 was released, including the SmartPhone Edition, the Info. Terminal Edition and the PMP Edition. It can supply roundly support to the development of intelligent terminal. 
  • In February 2005, the solution of MiniGUI & Fhas platform supplied by FMSoft passed the strict testing and accepting of the main TD-SCDMA standard maker, and was on the market quickly. 
  • In January 2005, MiniGUI-AOR and MiniGUI-STR were released.

2004: Rapid development

  • In December 2004, FMSoft sets up a strategy partnership with the biggest TV set manufacturer of China. 
  • In December 2004, FMSoft signed a training contract with CSIP (China Software and Integrated Circuit Public Service Platform).FMSoft would provide the training to CSIP in embedded Linux area and work together with CSIP to push and generalize the application of Linux technology all over china. 
  • In December 2004, the news of victory arrived again. FMSoft consolidated total deep cooperation with DATANG Mobile Company in TD-SCDMA terminal area. MininGUI & Fhas platform was mainly introduced by DATANG for Terminal solution. 
  • In November 2004, FMSoft released the solution of MGIS embedded geography information system, which for the technology of embedded GIS application. 
  • In October 2004, Fhas application platform 1.2 PMP Edition was released. It was applied to a PMP of a corporation in Shanghai. 
  • In October 2004, once again FMSoft made a big achievement in business. FMSoft reached an agreement with the most famous telecommunications equipment suppliers in China to cooperate deeply in STB and other area. 
  • In September 2004, The second anniversary of the founding of FMSoft. 
  • In September 2004, FMSoft established a special partnership with Embest, aiming at the embedded market of the Southern education trade. 
  • In August 2004, FMSoft established a strategic partnership with DIGIPRO, aiming to provide complete solutions for customers. 
  • In August 2004, FMSoft established a special partnership with Shenzhen Yuanfeng, aiming at the Huanan and Southwestern embedded markets. 
  • In July 2004, FMSoft established a special partnership with Xi'an FFT, aiming at the Western embedded market. 
  • In July 2004, MiniGUI 1.6 was released and became a cross-OSes embedded middleware product. 
  • In June 2004, FMSoft established a special partnership with Up-Tech, aiming at the embedded market in the northern education trade.

1998 -2003: MiniGUI & FMSoft established

  • In Oct 2003, MiniGUI 1.3 was released. This website was revised once. 
  • In Mar 2003, MiniGUI 1.2.5 was released. This website was revised. FMSoft created a marketing mode of free software, and proposed FMSoft thoughtful tech support service. 
  • In Oct 2002, MiniGUI 1.2.3 was released, and FMSoft careful tech service was proposed. 
  • In Sep 2002, Beijing FMSoft Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded. 
  • In Apr 2002, MiniGUI official version 1.2.0 was released. 
  • In Mar 2002, HTML Browser Monqueror 0.5 based on MiniGUI was released. 
  • In Mar 2002, MiniGUI official version 1.1.0 was released, which included a complete API reference manual. 
  • In Nov 2001, MiniGUI 1.1.0 was planned to release. Redflag Software Co.,Ltd added the support for MiniGUI in ControLinux EDK 1.0. 
  • In Apr 2001, MiniGUI 1.0.00 was released. This version further enriches all kinds of controls and can establish MiniGUI-Lite. BluePoint Software Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. developed the handheld PDA system for Car Testing and Checking based on this version. 
  • In Nov 2000, MiniGUI 0.9.96 was released. The Institute of Manufacturing Industry at Tsinghua University developed two CNC systems based on this version. 
  • In Jan 2000, Wei Yongming released MiniGUI 0.2.2 under GPL license. 
  • In Dec 1998, Wei Yongming began to develop the Linux version of MiniGUI.
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