Customization of Products

FMSoft provides this service to those customers who want to customize the product to meet some special requirements. FMSoft provides the customization service about the following software:

Software Outsourcing

FMSoft owns a talented and stable build-in software development team which not only has great professional quality and R&D capability, but also has good moral and comprehensive analysis capability. FMSoft can provides the software outsourcing service for the customers in the region below:

  • Porting, optimizing, and/or customizing the embedded system which is based on Linux.
  • Porting and/or customizing Android system.
  • Design and development of Android application.

Software Development Consultation

FMSoft has a lot of experience in embedded graphics system, complex embedded application, and interaction design areas. We would be happy to put our experience and knowledge passed through this consultation services to more developers. This service involves the following main areas:

  • Porting and/or optimizing Android system.
  • Interaction and/or user interface design for mobile devices.
  • Organization and implementation of agile development model.

Technology Support

After purchasing FMSoft software products, all the clients will obtain technical support for free within certain period.

Business Contact

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