Exception List

FMSoft released many open source software or free software (the Software) under different licenses. In general, anyone can use the Software under the conditions and restrictions set forth in these licenses.

However, the open software or free software licenses do not apply to any entity listed in the following Exception List:

  1. Bosch India
  2. 北京新光数字电影院线有限公司
  3. 深圳迈瑞生物医疗电子股份有限公司及其关联公司
  4. 大族激光科技产业集团股份有限公司及其关联公司


If you or the entity you represent is listed in the Exception List, the open source license used by the Software does not apply to you or the entity you represent. Regardless of the purpose, you should not use the Software in any way whatsoever, including but not limited to downloading, viewing, copying, distributing, compiling, and running. If you have already downloaded it, you MUST destroy all of its copies.

If you have any questions, please write to sales@minigui.com.
如有任何疑问,请致信 sales@minigui.com

Open Source Software Distributed by FMSoft

  1. MiniGUI (GPLv3)
  2. mGi (GPLv3)
  3. mGp (GPLv3)
  4. mG3d (GPLv3)
  5. mGNCS (GPLv3)
  6. mGNCS4Touch (GPLv3)
  7. mGUtils (GPLv3)
  8. mGPlus (GPLv3)
  9. mGEff (GPLv3)
  10. mGUXDemo (Apache 2.0)
  11. mg-samples (Apache 2.0)
  12. mg-demos (Apache 2.0)
  13. mg-tests (Apache 2.0)
  14. mg-tools (Apache 2.0)
  15. mGallery (Apache 2.0)
  16. Web Display Sever (MIT)
  17. GVFB (GPLv3)
  18. WVFB2 (GPLv3)
  19. QVFB2 (GPLv3)
  20. iPhone Like Demo (Apache 2.0)
  21. mSpider (GPLv3)
  22. mDolphin Core (LGPL, Apache 2.0)
  23. mDolphin Samples (Apache 2.0)
  24. mDolphin Release TV (Apache 2.0)
  25. mDolphin Release Home (Apache 2.0)
  26. HybridOS (GPL, AGPL, LGPL)